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Hastings Earth Day Festival: I'll be guiding at Afton State Park in the morning and presenting on gear in the afternoon at Carpenter Nature Center. Check it out this weekend!!

MPR Radio Segment: My appearance on MPR for a segment on bird watching. Podcast link.

Friends of Sax-Zim Bog: I have committed to donate and raise money for this great organization as part of their big half year for the bog. My big year is of course finding birds in the MN state parks. Follow this link to my page if you wish to donate and help fund their excellent work in preserving bog lands for future generations to enjoy. Big Douglas Bog Link.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

More State Park Big Year Statistics

Afton State Park Statistics Post

Core Stats:

Total Different Parks/SRAs/etc Visited: 22 of 73

Total Trips to State Parks: 45

Miles Hiked: 86

State Park Species Seen: 99
Species Seen; Entire State: 113

Hottest Parks...
Lac Qui Parle: 51 species (1 visit)
Afton: 74 species (21 visits)
Myre-Big Island: 28 species (1 visit)
Fort Snelling: 21 species (1 visit)
Whitewater: 17 species (1 visit)

Coldest Parks...
Monson Lake: 2 species (1 visit)
William O'Brien: 25 species (4 visits) 

State Month Ticks Before and After
January: 88 Before / 96 After
February: 87 Before / 90 After

Odd Statistics:

State Waysides Visited: 0 of 9
Waterfalls Seen in State Parks: 1
Fire Towers Climbed: 0 of 5

Mammals Identified: 10 [Red Squirrel:Many, White-tailed Deer:Many, Coyote:Whitewater & Lac Qui Parle, Fox Squirrel:Frontenac & Rice Lake, Porcupine:Scenic, Red Fox: Monson Lake, River Otter: Fort Snelling by track only., Bat Species: Afton, Gray Squirrel: Afton, 13-Lined Ground Squirrel: Afton]

Reptiles: 1 [Snapping Turtle: Afton]

Wildflowers Identified: 0

Pre-2018 Statistics

Total State Parks Visited: 9 (8 Bird Watching)
Life State Park Total: 174 (152 in 2017)


Total Parks will be the number of parks, state recreational areas, and waysides I have visited since the first day of 2018.

Total Trips will be the number of times I've gone to any State Park in 2018 to bird watch and hike. Meaning multiple trips are expected for several parks close to home and those with a very large number of trails to explore like Itasca and St. Croix.

Miles Hiked is pretty obvious, the number of miles covered by foot when birding at the State Parks.

Species Seen will be the total number of bird species observed in all state designated locations to date.

Species Seen; Entire State will be my bird species total for the entire state including non-state locations. Such as birds seen while driving or side efforts to see prior found birds of high rarity.

I may add other statistics as they come into view during the big year, such as highest count single eBird list from any park. Park with the highest species count observed, my money would be on Afton or William O'Brien considering my personal proximity to them.

Maybe gee wiz numbers like miles driven or hours driven during the year to lend perspective to how much of an effort it is to do this amount of birding in a year.

Old News

Going to use this space to store other news items for the year as they roll off the main page so I can get to them later if needed.

MOU Spring Primer: I'll be co-presenting on our Washington Count big year in 2017 with Dr. Peter Nichols at the MOU Spring kick off event to be held March 31st at Carpenter Nature Center. See the MOU website for upcoming details.

MOU Members: The first half of my article A Big Year in Washington County is now available to read in the January/February edition of MN Birding News.

MOU Article Part 2: The epic conclusion to my article in the MOU Newsletter is now live for MOU members.

Fellow birder and local celebrity Birdchick (Sharon Stiteler) wrote an article on some Common Redpoll behavior I observed and photographed recently in Lake Elmo.

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